IMA Number: 780.06

Course Type: Production

Professor: Andrew Demirjian

This class meets Tuesdays, 10:10am-1:00pm in HN 544.

Full Course Description:

Generative Media is music, art, video and text that uses systems that grow and change over time. It is media that embraces randomness, feedback and probabilities in the process of its production. Generative media uses a set of some initial conditions then it is open to chance occurrences in the environment.

This is a hands-on class where we use an easy to learn graphic coding language called Max/MSP to make algorithms to process media. Projects we’ll be making include a robotic video editor, a generative poetry blender and generative sound compositions that turn video into music. The course is very interdisciplinary and the term generative media encompasses practices occurring in the fields of generative design, art, poetry, video and music.
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Permissions: Cleared after advisement with IMA Director or Program Assistant.