IMA Number: IMA 783.03 | 1 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Gary Griffin

This class meets JAN 8, 9, 10, 11 - 6pm-9:15pm

Full Course Description:

This class will approach the subject from a technical and aesthetic perspective.  Students will learn camera fundamentals including how to set up a camera to ensure the highest quality image.  They will learn the basics of digital cinematography principles for both video and DSLR cameras.

In addition to learning how to employ technical skills, students will learn the technical background behind the functionality to gain a better understanding of the electronic inner workings of a camera.  Students will also learn the basic aesthetic components to shooting including composition, framing, movement, perspective and angle, with an eye to developing an individual aesthetic and artistic point of view as expressed through the lens.

Permissions: Contact Instructor with interest in course based on your background for approval. Cleared after advisement with IMA Director and Program Coordinator.