IMA Number: 780.93 | 3 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Shanti Thakur

This class meets Thursdays 2:10pm-5pm in HN 544

Full Course Description:

Hybrid Documentary

This course is a combined screening and production class, which compares the work by pioneer filmmakers who not only blurred the boundaries between documentary and fiction, they created their own visual language. Screenings are paired with critical readings which explore the essay film, narration, re-enactments, reflexivity, cinematography and montage.

We will look at narration beyond the use of first- or third-person, into the realms of the reliable/unreliable narrator, multiple narrators, fictional narrators and irony. We will identify the nuances of re-enactments, from poetic gesture to fully-realized scenes with actors. Students will produce two projects in class that reflect the formal experiments discussed, and give a presentation on the readings. The second project may be a continuation of the first, if the scope requires it. Projects may be done individually or with a partner. Shooting and editing skills are required.

“All great fiction films tend towards documentary, just as all great documentaries tend toward fiction.” – Jean Luc Godard

“The process of making films in communion with oneself, the way a painter works or a writer, need not be solely experimental. Contrary to what people say, using the first person in film tends to be a sign of humility. ‘All I have to offer is myself.’ –      Chris Marker, 1997

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