Creating Non Fiction Virtual Reality

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IMA Number: 780.09 | 3 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Andrew Demirjian Marty Lucas
This class meets MON, 2:10PM-5PM (taught by Prof Andrew Demirjian and Prof Marty Lucas) in HN 544
Full Course Description:

In this course students will explore the aesthetic, theoretical and technical aspects of creating and displaying nonfiction cinematic virtual reality. We will produce several short films throughout the semester examining different techniques, cameras, editing and compositing software, as well as approaches to 360ยบ sound. The content and form of work will be based on student interest and can range from journalistic to activist to experimental. Throughout the semester we will be reading and discussing a range of texts that explore theoretical implications and critical perspectives on virtual reality as well as the history of immersive environments while trying to develop a strong understanding of how these new platforms offer routes to reconceptualizing documentary practice. To provide further context for our work, we will examine cinematic VR in relationship to contemporary emerging media practices including AR, MR, web docs and VR produced by game engine software.

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