Animation Studio

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IMA Number: IMA 780.07 | 3 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Ricardo Miranda
This class meets Thursdays, 6:10pm-9pm in HN 544
Full Course Description:

This hands-on class is an introduction to animation using 2D digital tools. We will explore historical precursors to digital animation by studying the work of experimental and animated film as well as contemporary art and animation. Class time will consist of in-class demos, screenings, discussions of readings, and software tutorials.

Students will be encouraged to create personal, documentary and experimental animations, use unconventional and/or appropriated source imagery and sounds, and integrate non-digital creative skills into their projects such as drawing and collage, sound, sculpture, writing, etc. Animation in general is a highly technical field, the objective of this class is to explore your personal creativity and arrive at your own style.Topics covered will include producing a flip-book, stop motion animation, algorithmic animation, pixel and vector animation, story boarding, narrative construction, sound and video production.Students will be required to complete 4 assignments and a final project over the course of the semester that demonstrate the skills necessary to create digitally animated artwork.  Students will be encouraged to work in pairs or teams throughout the semester.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement with IMA Program Coordinator.