The IMA Program currently offers a Tech Fellowship and is presently developing additional fellowships.

These fellowships provide matriculated IMA students with a stipend and/or a tuition waiver of approximately $1000 per semester. The IMA Program Fellowships are awarded based on student applications. Preference is given to students who do not receive other financial support from the program. Typically, incoming IMA students do receive these fellowships.

Tech Fellows

Three IMA students work as Tech Fellows providing technical support for the Film and Media Studies Department. The Tech Fellow appointment is for  two years, with a commitment of ten hours of work per week. Each year, a new Tech Fellow is chosen through an application and interview process. Incoming IMA students do not serve as Tech Fellows.


Other opportunities include:

Alumni Scholarship

Hunter’s Alumni Association has a Scholarship and Welfare Fund that provides scholarships to incoming graduate students in a variety of fields. In 2012, the IMA Program was given three Alumni Scholarships. The scholarships provide recipients with a $10,000 yearly stipend for two years.

You do not apply for the Alumni Scholarship. Once admissions decisions are made, the IMA Program chooses six accepted students based on their professional and creative achievement. The Scholarship and Welfare Fund Committee then selects the scholarship recipients from this list. The IMA Program does not control the timing or outcome of the Alumni Scholarship decisions.

IMA-Roosevelt House Digital Fellowship

In 2012 we launched the IMA-Roosevelt House Digital Fellowship, an exciting partnership between the IMA Program and Hunter’s Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute housed at the recently renovated home of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt. Each year, we will choose a new Digital Fellow to help implement digital media policy for Roosevelt House. The fellowship recipient is selected based on Roosevelt House’s current digital media needs, with the fellowship funding based on the specific parameters of the Digital Fellow’s responsibilities.