1 credit: Algorithmic Disobedience

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IMA Number: IMA tbd | 1 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Surya Mattu Tega Brain
This class meets Saturdays, March 10th and March 17th 10:30am-5:30pm in HN 544
Full Course Description:
Algorithmic disobedience calls for action in a world shaped by data and structured by algorithms. Algorithmic systems influence what news we see, who we date and how our neighbourhoods are policed. The accumulation of data has become paramount to the ways that power and resources are distributed and yet the logic of these systems are built on patterns drawn out of historic datasets, bringing the conditions of the past back to haunt the present.
If individuals are legible only as aggregates of data, as products of pattern and probability, how can we push back? What are strategies that help us ask how we want these systems to be in our lives? This workshop looks to recent work by artists and journalists for tactics of algorithmic disobedience.
In this one-credit class students will develop a new work that invites the playful, the defiant and the dissatisfied to explore the growing role of these systems in our lives and script small acts of audit, obfuscation or opting out.

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