Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2018 - 7:00 PM

Hunter North - 7 PM Black Box (HN543) & 8 PM TV Studio (HN436)

Space as Material: An Evening of Spatial Sound Works

Sponsored by: IMA Sound Studies Two leading figures in the field of spatial sound come to Hunter College to create immersive, large-scale works. Sound is used to heighten listeners’ spatial awareness and encourage a focussed listening practice from within an encompassing field. Both composers take a different approach to surround sound studio composition than the ...read more

Wednesday, March 7th 2018 - 6:30PM

Hunter College - Lang Auditorium

Art, Activism and Algorithms

Art, Activism and Algorithms: Aesthetic Interventions in Machine Bias The Art, Activism and Algorithms: Aesthetic Interventions in Machine Bias panel discussion on Wednesday, March 7th will feature leading figures in data journalism and art, technology and activism. The dangers of algorithmic bias are becoming an increasing concern with opaque and proprietary computer programs controlling an ...read more

Spring 2018 - time to be determined

Hunter College North Building - room TBD
Please RSVP to imamfaassistant@gmail.com

Fiction in non-fiction.

A Conversation with David Riker and Marty Lucas about fiction in non-fiction. Free and open to the public ...read more

Monday, December 18th 2017 - 7:30pm

Hunter College North Building - room: 502HN
Please RSVP to imamfaassistant@gmail.com

Visiting Artist – André Daughtry

NEW SANCTUARY: A SPECULATIVE FILM BY ANDRE DAUGHTRY A screening and discussion on immigration and spirituality from a black perspective. Part of Prof. Veronique Bernard’s Developing and Producing class. New Sanctuary is a speculative film and photography exhibit that follows the deportation case of a former US green card holder of African descent named “Ramesh” ...read more

Saturday, December 16th 2017 - 4:30pm-9:30pm

Hunter College North Building – Lang Auditorium (4th Floor).
Please RSVP to imamfaassistant@gmail.com


Projects by and congratulations go to: Rachel Brown, Sekiya Dorsett, Nan Li and Kayoko Nakamura – followed by a reception! Free and open to the public ...read more

Friday, December 15th., 2017 - 5pm-7pm

Hunter College North Building – Black Box Theater (543HN)
Please RSVP to imamfaassistant@gmail.com
iART Show poster

iART Show

View final projects made in Prof. Sha Sha Feng’s Interactive Installation class. Free and Open to the public ...read more

Wednesday, November 15th - 3pm

Hunter College - TV STUDIO - 436HN
Please RSVP to imamfaassistant@gmail.com
Kevin T. Allen mosaic of still images from his documentaries

Visiting Artist, Kevin T. Allen

Visiting Artist, Kevin T. Allen: STONE TAPE THEORIES: HEARING, HAUNTING, AND THE MEMORY OF MATERIALS From 3pm -5pm – Free and open to the public A stone tape is a material object that has “recorded” the energy of a past event. Widely popularized by British author Nigel Kneale in his 1972 teleplay The Stone Tape, ...read more