Thesis Information

Two students working with a video camera

The Thesis Project is a media project that demonstrates your research and ideas in integrated media arts, combining creative and technical skill with a strong writing and analytical foundation. Many students make documentary films, with or without a “new media” aspect. But just as many students have graduated with web docs, interactive websites, and audio projects, like radio shows and sound walks. Others have done social media projects with video aspects, transmedia performance pieces, art installations, space studies, physical computing, gaming, and augmented reality.
Your Thesis Project must be publically exhibited as part of the IMA Thesis Show. You are also required to submit a Thesis Paper that contextualizes the Thesis Project in terms of the history of the chosen medium, the artistic lineage of the project, and the project’s creative and theoretical development.

Developing a Thesis Project
Entering Thesis
Thesis Practicum/Class
Thesis Concept Summery
Thesis Concept Presentation and Crit
Thesis Proposal
Thesis Timeline
Thesis Deadline
Thesis Extension
Primary Thesis Advisor
Thesis Panel
Thesis Paper
Thesis Defense
Graduation Degree Audit
Thesis Paper Deposit
The MFA Exhibition and Screening

Thesis FAQs

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What do I register for in subsequent semesters that I’m working on my Thesis ? ▾
How many times do I have to pay the MAM fee ? ▾
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Can I begin working on my thesis before I pass my 2nd Crit ? ▾
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Can I switch advisors ? ▾
What steps do I have to take to change my advisor ? ▾
Is there a minimum running time for a Thesis Film ? ▾
What makes a project meet the Thesis threshold ? ▾
What constitutes “substantial new work” ? ▾
What constitutes a “collaborative” work for Thesis purposes ? ▾
What if I don’t want my Thesis Paper publically available ? ▾
Does that mean my Thesis Project is also publically available ? ▾