Teaching Opportunities

Teaching experience is one of the outstanding opportunities offered by the IMA Program. We are committed to fostering TA and teaching experiences for qualified IMA students, as a learning opportunity, as a means for professional growth, and as a source of income. IMA students are encouraged to apply for consideration for a TA-ship or teaching position. Compensation for TA-ships and teaching is governed by the contractual adjunct teaching rates in effect at Hunter College.


The foundation production courses for the Film and Media Studies Department’s undergraduate majors, MEDP/FILMP 150 (Media in a Digital Age) and 160 (Media and Film in a Digital Age), are organized with a large lecture and weekly lab section typically taught by IMA students. Similarly, the foundational analytical course for the media major, MEDIA 180 (Intro to Media Studies), has a lecture and then breakout discussion sections often taught by IMA students. Some IMA students teach sections of 150/160 and 180 in the same semester.

Approximately ten IMA students TA in the department each semester. Usually, IMA students TA for two semesters; the program has a three-semester TA limit so that other IMA students have the chance to TA.

Students interested in being considered for TA positions submit a CV and statement summarizing their teaching experience and skills to Professor Kelly Anderson.


At times qualified IMA alumni and occasionally current students with previous professional experience teach other undergraduate Film and Media Studies courses, such as Internet and Society, Understanding New Media, Representations of Race in the Media, Myths and Images in the Media, Concepts in Gaming, Women and the Media, Media and Society, Advanced Gender and Media, Desktop Publishing, Portable Video Production, Developing Video Documentary, Documentary Editing, Advanced Documentary Editing, Sound Design, Experimental Production, Web Production I, Web Production II, Web Programming, Game Programming, Digital Design and Usability, and Interactive Media Production.