Taking Courses at Other CUNY Schools (& beyond!)

DO NOT REGISTER DIRECTLY FOR IMA 792.00. You will want to find your outside course first, go through registration channels at the host college, then apply here online or via Room 223 Records for an E(quivalency) permit, listing IMA 792 as the course equivalent.  If you register directly for 792, & then do this process, you will get double charged & the IMA is not able to appeal to the Registrar for refunds.

  • The epermit procedure does take a week or so to process.  If you have applied online or at the Records office, your eSIMS records will have more updated information than me regarding the status of your course, but I am happy to field follow up concerns if there is an issue.
  • CUNY Graduate Center courses are most commonly taken, & can be easily counted via epermit.  In the past, courses in photography, sociology, radio journalism, anthropology, gender studies, art history, fine art, among others have been taken.  PIMA Brooklyn College is another popular option and good partner to IMA work.
  • Please submit the course name, professor, description, credit load to Andrew for approval, cc’ing me.  Communicate early with your outside professor that timely grade entry is important for your graduation audit in your host program.
  • If a course is similar in content to an IMA offering (even one not offered in the semester for which you are registering), your request will not be approved.
  • Please prepare yourself for the workload that a Graduate or Doctoral level course may entail & plan your IMA course schedule accordingly. You will be charged according to the Registrar’s fee schedule for any course changes, & your grade in these courses will post directly to your IMA transcript.