Program Guide


IMA students receive Advisement from the IMA Director, IMA Program Coordinator, and Faculty Advisers before Registration for the upcoming term on the following schedule.

Spring and Winter Registration – Late November
Fall and Summer Registration – Late April

Faculty Advisers

Students are assigned a Faculty Adviser in the first semester of matriculation in IMA. During the course of the semester, students should meet with Faculty Advisers to consult on course choices, program opportunities, and their path toward Thesis.

Course Selection

Students should consult the IMA Course of Study on requirements and then choose courses of interest from the IMA Course Catalog for the upcoming term. Course pages indicate the category of course and the necessary pre-requisites.

Registration Form

Students must fill out their course history on the IMA Registration Form (PDF), and can access their records in the Student Center by logging on to their account on CUNYFirst.

Registration Meetings

Students are encouraged to speak with their Faculty Advisors about registration for the upcoming semester. Students then sign up for a registration meeting with IMA Director – in person, Skype (IMADirector), or phone (212-772-4556) – to discuss their schedule. The link to signup for upcoming term is here. After this registration meeting, the Program Coordinator will inform students when permissions have been entered in CUNYFirst clearing them to register.

Calendar and Payment Schedule

Student registration dates are set in the Registration and Payment Schedule provided by Hunter College Office of Registrar. All students will pay a late registration fee of $25.00 for any courses registered for after the first day of semester. **All registration and change of program must be finalized by the seventh day of classes for any given semester.** The IMA Program has no discretion to override these College requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with College deadlines for registration and payment.


Students can search and add IMA Courses via the Searchable Schedule of Classes and register online via CUNYFirst.

Non-Matriculating Students

Non-matriculating students interested in enrolling in IMA courses should send their relevant background and request to IMA Program Coordinator. Subject to student qualifications, instructor approval, and space availability, non-matriculated students may be approved to register for IMA courses. They must then complete the Hunter College Application for Graduate Non-Matriculated Admission. Priority will be given to non-degree students enrolled in other CUNY Graduate programs.