PUZZLES: When Hate Came to Town

Project Description

PUZZLES When Hate Came to Town
Produced & Directed by Tami Gold and David Pavlosky
Edited by Harry Kafka

PUZZLES When Hate Came to Town
In the post-industrial city of New Bedford, Massachusetts, an 18 year-old entered a gay bar named Puzzles, and attacked its patrons with a hatchet and gun. As a result, two very different communities are threatened. The loose circle of disaffected white youth who call themselves Juggalos, — followers of the Detroit-based white-rap/ band Insane Clown Posse (ICP) and the vibrant but fragile oasis for drag performers and working class gay men and lesbians. PUZZLES charts these divergent journeys as they unfold, and along the way, PUZZLES reveals the deep alienation that many American youth struggle with and its counter part: the abiding need for family.