Media Shelf #5 – Reiko Tahara

Media Shelf #5 – Reiko Tahara

A list of films that make us wonder how long filmmakers should spend on location to earn the right to film others. Curated by Prof. Reiko Tahara. Group 1) Living with the subjects clan Nanook of the North. Robert Flaherty, 1929, 79min., 35mm B&W, non-sync sound, USA. For better or worse, almost all of the

IMA Media Shelf #4 — Grayson Earle

The following selections are paired based on some apparent conceptual properties. They differ significantly in their communities of origin, and in the modes of engagement the audience applies based on conceptions of high and low culture. Suicide Machines by Thijs Rijkers (2014) “My latest Suicide Machine which destroys itself using sandblasting sand. It slowly poors sand

Media Shelf #3 – Iva Radivojevic

Iva’s selections center around the Portrait Film, a genre of documentary which seeks to humanize and/or make visible individuals in our world. Belovy or The Belovs, Viktor Kossakovsky (1992, Russia, 58min) “We are ordinary people, why would you want to film us?” – Anna’s confusion opens the film. And this may be too obvious a

Media Shelf #2 – Codes and Modes Conference

A wide variety of works were referenced at the Codes & Modes Conference that took place here in the IMA on November 7, 8, and 9. Here is a sampling: Requiem for M, Kiri Dalena (2010, single-channel video, 6:52) Requiem for M is an experimental short documentary in the aftermath of the Maguindanao massacre in

Media Shelf #1 – Rachel Stevens

The first installment of the IMA-MFA Media Shelf was curated by Rachel Stevens. What ties these selections together is that they each systematically interrogate a layer or convention of media representation. Through a formal operation, they speak to a socio-political condition. (in alphabetical order) The Anatomy of Melancholy, Brian Frye,1999, 16mm, 11 mins Fragments from