The IMA/MFA program requires 48 credits.  Courses are typically 3

credits each, and students may enroll part-time or full-time
matriculating in a minimum of 5 semesters, and maximum of 8 with
possibility for extension.

The course of study requires:

Production Workshops (10 courses = 30 credits)
Classes spread across three integrated clusters or broad areas of
practice, includes courses in film/video/web production, emerging
media, journalism, grant writing, and screenwriting among others.
(See: Previous Production Workshops)

Analytical Seminars (3 courses = 9 credits)
Classes offer history, theory, and analysis in media and cultural studies.
(See: Previous Analytical Course Offerings)

Collaborative Residency  (1 course = 3 credits)
Students must complete an off-site internship project.
(See: Previous Collaborative Residency Examples)

Interdisciplinary Research (1 course = 3 credits)
Students must complete one graduate course outside of the department
to compliment their artistic and theoretical practice.
(See: Previous Interdisciplinary Research Examples)

MFA Critiques
Students must present passing work completed after 5 and 10 production
workshop courses for panels of faculty.  (See: Crit Policy &

MFA Thesis Project (1 course = 3 credits)
Students must present culminating work in the program for a panel of
advisors and inclusion in the IMA/MFA Thesis Show. (See:
Thesis Policy & Procedures)