Coordinated by IMA and Art MFA, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris visited Hunter College to talk about the making of his film Through a Lens Darkly as well as his on-going touring project called Digital Diaspora Family Reunion

Thomas Allen Harris, an award-winning Director, is the President of Chimpanzee Productions, Inc. a company dedicated to producing unique audio-visual experiences that illuminate the Human Condition and the search for identity, family, and spirituality, including feature length films, performances and live multimedia productions.

Through A Lens Darkly is a two-hour film that will explore the role of photography, since its rudimentary beginnings in the 1840s, in shaping the identity, aspirations, and social emergence of African Americans from slavery to the present.The dramatic arch is developed as a visual narrative that flows through the past 160 years to reveal black photography as an instrument for social change, an African American point-of-view on American history, and a particularized aesthetic vision.

Through A Lens Darkly is inspired by Dr. Deborah Willis’s ground breaking book Reflections in Black.


Through A Lens Darkly

The event took place at the Kossak Lecture Hall – Hunter College North Building

Sponsored by: IMA Program