Stefani Bardin is a media maker whose work situates itself between video, film, installation and performance. She is currently a resident at EYEBEAM, Art + Technology Center where she is engaged with a body of work entitled The Pharmacology of Taste which looks at the role of technology on our food systems. By examining industrial food production and using such tools as artificial food smells and gastroenterology technology she examines how our food systems have been altered through the modern influences of technology and corporate culture.  Her projects include the repurposing of gastroenterology devices that record images and information from the GI tract in concert with artificial food scents, sound, behavioral neuroscience and cultural history to re-imagine and re-contextualize our food systems within the influences of corporate culture and industrial food production.

Stefani Bardin has presented her work nationally and internationally at venues including the University of Technology Sydney, UCLA Hammar Museum, The Slade School of Art, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and Alfred University.


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