We are pleased to host Iva Radivojevic, Fall 2013 IMA MFA graduate back as an Alumni Guest Artist for a screening and discussion of EVAPORATING BORDERS, her film that has been garnering press and festival honors around the world this year.


Students, alumni, faculty, prospective students, and the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. Find details of the film and Iva’s wonderful filmmaking perspective and Integrated Media Arts MFA Hunter College pride below.

Evaporating Borders
An essay in five parts, Evaporating Borders offers a series of vignettes, poetically guided by filmmaker Iva Radivojevic’s curious eye and personal reflections. Through the people she encounters along the way, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus : A PLO activist and exile from Iraq is denied asylum within 15 minutes; neo-nazi fundamentalists roam the streets in an attack on Muslim migrants; activists and academics organize an antifascist rally and clash with the neo-nazis; 195 migrants drown in the Mediterranean. View the trailer here.

Originally from Yugoslavia and an immigrant to Cyprus, Iva Radivojevic investigates the effects of large-scale immigration on the sense of national identity in one of the easiest ports of entry into Fortress Europe. Poetically photographed and rendered, the film passionately weaves the themes of migration, tolerance, identity and belonging.

Iva in BOMB Magazine:
“I also had an amazing education at Hunter where we were trained in critical thinking and came at film in a full way—as a discipline, as an art form, and as a course of study. And of course we watched tons of films and that habit has never left me—I’m a junkie now. I disappear into these worlds as I disappear behind my camera lens when I’m filming – my alternate universe, my paradise. The master’s program wasn’t just production-oriented. It was the theory and reading and talking about cinema that informed the way I wanted to make films and I’m really grateful for that background. I wanted to go deeper than just trusting my eye; I wanted to understand what it was I was trying to do, to be more conscious, I guess. Film is a lot more than just working on a visual plane. The program also has a very left wing theoretical stance. Most of the professors come from an experimental background and talk a lot about pushing form. We would read Jill Godmilow, who came in as a guest professor, as well as people like Zelimir Zilnik and other groundbreaking directors. That, in fact, was how I first met Laura. We didn’t really study a lot of mainstream work. I would mention Harun Farocki, for instance, to some friends who were attending other film schools in New York City at the time and they had no idea who he is. That exposure was really essential for me.”

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