IMA Number: 780.10 | 3 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Rachel Stevens

This class meets MON, 6:10PM-9PM in HN 544

Full Course Description:

In this course we will explore how spatial technologies, theories about urban space or place, somatic experience and site-specific art practices are used to create or shape narratives. During the course participants will develop projects that tell stories informed by place, are situated, engage site as collaborator, challenge existing geographies or maps, and/or use spatial technologies to create an experience. Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of approaches while developing projects in relation to space and place.

Google maps, GPS devices, satellites, drones and other technologies have enabled a geospatial way of understanding the world. Augmented reality apps, Kinect, ‘smart’ devices and other technologies that engage the body in space have expanded how we interact with media. Artists, thinkers and activists are addressing how geography and space are intertwined with politics, human rights and ecological justice, while others are are countering global, abstract or top-down ways of understanding the world with the simple act of walking as creative practice, by embracing immediate, perceivable experience, or turning to research to accommodate the complexities of a site.

We will spend time introducing geolocation and augmented reality and then branch out into looking at multiple forms. We will take a walk exploring “The Urban Backstage” while tracing the buried waterways around Collect Pond in Lower Manhattan. Bring your experience with wayfinding, GIS, Kinect, drone video, walking tours, installation, sensors, site-specific art, counter-mapping, psychogeography, augmented reality, urban navigation, data visualization, public performance, migration, or simple fascination with a place to develop projects.

There will be 1-2 readings per week, small exercises, a midterm project and a final project of your design.

Permissions: Contact Instructor with interest in course based on your background for approval. Cleared after advisement with IMA Director and Program Coordinator.