IMA Number: IMA 780.81 | 3 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Hans Tammen

This class meets TUESDAYS, 6:10-9:40pm in HN 544

Full Course Description:

Sound Environments is a production course in which students engage with contemporary issues and techniques of sonic media. The course explores critical writings in music history, cultural studies, sound and media theory while students experiment with designing linear and non-linear sound installations.

Themes explored in detail will include: multi-channel spatial audio, the physicality of sound, acoustic ecology and urban noise, sound and architecture (real and virtual spaces), data sonification, sampling, remixing and DJ culture, digital interfaces, synesthesia, invented instruments, and types of synthesis (including FM, AM, subtractive, granular)

Permissions: Cleared after advisement with IMA Director and Program Coordinator.