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IMA Number: 750.17 | 3 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Rachel Stevens
This class meets Fridays, 2:10pm - 5pm in HN544
Full Course Description:

Guy Debord and the Situationist International developed the concepts “psychogeography” and “dérive” as tools for critically examining the psychological effects of urban spaces and to enable fresh perspectives. Devising ideas and actions poetic, playful and political they countered what they understood as restrictive, ideologically inscribed, overly Cartesian space in search of something more utopian. Through readings, examples of creative projects, fieldwork, games and projects made for class this course will explore possibilities of navigating and occupying space, ways in which space is constructed, organized, scripted, narrated and experienced and how media and technologies old and new alter our experience of space. We will look at cities and urban spaces, cultural geographies, architectures, neighborhoods, gardens, frontiers, territories, topologies, ecologies, international borders, hidden and elastic geographies, political and social space, public and private space, the commons, networked spaces, vectors, “dot com dot place,” maps and cartographies, the local and the global.

Projects developed in class can include walking tours, augmented reality, place-based storytelling or documentary, urban games, situated or networked media and other forms that enable a re-imagining of our relationship to urban spaces.

Example student work:

An audio walking tour about Pauli Murray
by Kelly Spivey

Audio with an archive of accompanying images

A short walk around Hunter College recalls a different time and a remarkable former Hunter student.

by Annie Berman
8 mins. 16×9. Color. Stereo.

Shot entirely from within Google streetview, Street Views explores an area of the West Village in NYC. By navigating this autonomous image world Berman encounters unreliable artifacts of human presence, paradoxical spaces that shift when you move through them, references to art theory and monetized fantasy spaces.

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