Documentary Production 2 – Documentary Politics and Poetics

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IMA Number: IMA 753.00 | 3 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Tami Gold
This class meets WED, 6:10PM-9:40PM in HN 544
Full Course Description:

This production class examines Cal Pryluck’s idea: if aesthetic choices have ethical consequence; then ethical choices have aesthetic consequence. We will explore the nuanced position between filmmaker and subject: negotiating representation, choosing to reveal or conceal the filmmaker’s point of view and the film’s construction of meaning. Examples range from cinema verité, interview-based, reflexivity, city symphonies, poetic essays, and ironic reconstruction. Artists discussed include Chris Marker, Alain Resnais, Marlon Riggs, and Errol Morris.

You will produce three short videos that explore the questions raised in screenings and critical readings. Using your shooting and editing skills developed in Documentary 1, you will work with a partner, research your idea, write a proposal, develop interview subjects and/or situations for filming, scheduling and shooting the documentary project.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement and with Program Assistant

Pre-requesite(s): Documentary I (Documentary Expressions) – 2 sections,

*Please note that in many cases all prerequisites listed aren't strictly necessary, please ask the IMA program assistant for clarification.