Narrative Scriptwriting

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IMA Number: IMA #tbd | 3 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Michael Gitlin
This class meets WED 3:10-6pm in HN 544
Full Course Description:

Narrative Scriptwriting is an intensive writing course were students learn the essential techniques for dramatic writing on an advanced level including: employing conventional and alternative dramatic structures and characterization, establishing tone and audience engagement, working with genre, and developing expressive script language.  We will also discuss methods for ideation and story development, and potentially explore collaborative writing strategies as well.

This is a hands-on creative writing workshop.  Students may develop either one feature length screenplay or multiple shorts. All students will be required to write a treatment for their project(s) (approx. 10 pp.) and deliver several drafts of at least 40 pages of screenplay. There is also a story research paper requirement (3 pp).  All writing will be presented in scheduled classroom critique workshops, which is an important facet of this course. During workshop sessions students will learn how to synthesize the critique of others to improve their own writing through subsequent revisions, and they will also learn how to assess the writing of others and offer constructive feedback to improve work that is not their own.

It is strongly suggested that students have taken either Story Strategies or Writing the Short, or have previous dramatic writing experience.

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