IMA Number: IMA 78320 | 1 credits

Course Type: Production

Course Registration Number: 61682

Professor: Lynne Sachs

This class meets Saturdays February 18 + March 4- 10:30am-5pm in HN 544

Full Course Description:

Hunter IMA grad students and Hunter Art MFA students come together over two Saturdays to create short form collaborative video projects that integrate performance and documentary approaches.  Students will work in pairs  to create a single shot, 5 minute work that will require them to plan for their mis-en-scene, camera movements, setting, and sound.  No editing allowed, except for the addition of titles.  Week One will include screenings of relevant work and introductions amongst the students.  In the interim period, students will meet to plan and to shoot.  For inspiration, students will also go to gallery or museum shows with their production partners to view examples of expanded cinema and video installation work. Week Two will include discussions of viewed exhibits and screenings of completed projects.

Permissions: Cleared after connecting with IMA Program Assistant