IMA Number: IMA 780.11 | 3 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Sameh Zoabi

This class meets WED, 6:10PM-9PM in 433B HN

Full Course Description:

Through lectures, screenings and hands on directing exercises, this course introduces students to the skills and tools necessary for successful dramatic screen directing. The course covers the scope of the directors work and collaboration with a creative team, with a focus on developing the director’s creative vision through script analysis, pre-visualization, and telling the story with the camera. Fundamental elements of film language and its grammatical rules will be introduced, as will the mechanisms that make visual storytelling effective. Although the focus will be primarily on narrative filmmaking, we will discuss how the same principles translate across media platforms and the storytelling spectrum, which students will have the chance to express and explore in their final project.

PROJECTS: Each student will complete one group exercise and two personal directing exercises—approximately 3—5 minutes each. These exercises are meant to explore the dramatic/narrative elements of film while demonstrating an understanding of basic visual syntax.

-Group Exercise: Published scenes: Preexisting scenes that will be handed out and shot in class.

-A non-dialogue scene: Students will be given the circumstances, characters and action in the scene. The student will then explore the scene visually.

-The final project: The ‘3—5’, written and directed by the student.


Permissions: Cleared after advisement