IMA Number: 724 | 3 credits

Course Type: Analytical, Production

Course Registration Number: 4948

Professor: Véronique Bernard

This class meets M 6:10pm-9:00pm in HN 433B

Full Course Description:

This course is designed for the non-fiction producer of documentaries, series, specials, interactive and other forms of factual content for the screen across multiple platforms including theatrical, television, web, mobile  and installation.  Over the course of the semester, students will gain a deep understanding of the development process, from concept to green light, and a thorough knowledge of the production process, from pre-production to distribution. The primary emphasis will be on content development including research, proposal and treatment writing, packaging, pitching and presentation materials. The course also explores producing fundamentals such as budgeting, fundraising, scheduling, field producing, post-production and deliverables. At the end of the semester, students will pitch one fully developed project to a panel of industry professionals, curators and programmers and receive feedback on the project’s viability, merits and potential areas for improvement.  Students will be exposed to a variety of genres, formats and approaches in non-fiction production and will be encouraged to develop a passion project with a unique voice, original subjects, exclusive insight, distinctive angle and/or innovative form. Each student will leave the course with a project ready to go into pre-production.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement and with Program Assistant