Culture Jamming

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IMA Number: 780.48 | 3 credits
Course Type: Visions
Course Registration Number: 3620
This class meets W 6:10-9pm in HN 544
Full Course Description:

This course will offer students a chance to engage with a variety of social art practices associated with the notion of “culture jamming,”i.e., offering subversive or even utopian alternatives that create discontinuity in hegemonic cultural practices in public space and in the new public sphere of the internet.  Our exploration will include theoretical approaches, as well as a critical look at historical predecessors from the historical avant-garde, Situationism, tactical media, Relational aesthetics, and others.  We will also develop a critical overview of a variety of art practices in the hopes of developing a contemporary tool kit for what philosopher Brian Holmes calls “reverse Imagineering” including interventions, fake campaigns, art laboratories, and more.  Students will work to develop new and sophisticated forms working on projects individually and in groups.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement with IMA Director and Program Coordinator.