IMA Number: 783.15 | 1 credits

Course Type: Production

Professor: Ira Spiegel

This class meets Saturdays, Sept 10 + Sept 17 - 10:30am-6pm in HN 544

Full Course Description:

The class will address the needs of each student whatever level of experience they might have, and will provide the basis for further learning.  The class will demystify the craft/art of sound editing, familiarize the student with the Pro Tools system, lay the foundations of editing dialogue and sound effects, and provide a little history of how the industry got to where it is today. More specifically, the class will be an immersion in the Pro Tools editing system, which is the industry standard and work horse, and its application to all aspects of sound editing for documentary and feature films today. Sound editing/sound designing is both a craft and an art and we will address both aspects.  The class will seek to give an overview of the different categories of traditional sound editing, which includes dialogue, ADR (automatic dialogue replacement), effects, foleys and music.  Films are practically speaking, broken up into these categories and edited compartmentally.  They are also mixed within these categories, in stages, called pre-mixes (dialogue, effects, foleys, and music).  Then the premixes are mixed down to a final. The class will also give emphasis to sound design which is the area of sound somewhere approaching music, artful work that is not literal in the way sound editing proper may be.  A subjective range called sound design includes sound that is abstract, and sound that relates to mood or psychological moments of a film. The class will explore the challenges of designing sound.  Historically there was always a separation between the sound editing and the mixing.  Now the equipment is virtually the same; sound editing is done on Pro Tools, mixing is done largely on Pro Tools; now the line between sound editing and mixing is blurred, and in some cases the sound editor is a mixer and visa versa. In order to achieve this goal the structure of the workshop will include four areas of tutorials: time spent learning the Pro Tools system, analyzing film work done on recent film edits as examples (my own work), watching sequences of films that best illustrate the work we are doing, and completing an exercise in sound editing by the conclusion of the workshop.

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