1 credit: Sites & Sounds: Creating Audio Walks with Detour

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IMA Number: IMA#tbd | 1 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Ariana Souzis
This class meets Saturdays, April 28th + May 5th 10:30am-6pm in HN 544 and off site
Full Course Description:

This 2-day class will focus on how to write and produce audio walks. Students will learn to use Detour, a mobile Mac application and publishing platform that enables producers to quickly and easily create GPS-triggered audio experiences. Detour itself produces commercial self-guided walking tours in cities around the country, but students will be encouraged to use the app to experiment with new ways of telling stories or creating installations that explore the spaces around them.  The class will also learn best practices for writing site-specific and location-based scripts, with the goal of making effective and compelling pieces that will deepen the audience’s connection to place. Students will be required to develop a short audio walk of their own by the end of the class.

Permissions: Cleared after advisement.