1 credit: Performing the Internet

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IMA Number: IMA tbd | 1 credits
Course Type: Production
Professor: Todd Anderson
This class meets Saturdays, April 14th and April 21st - 10:30am-6pm in HN 544.
Full Course Description:

This class seeks to use the internet and web browsers in new and disruptive ways. Rather than the traditional use of websites as static means of one-to-many communication, we will use websites as stages to perform and intervene in front of a live audience. The technical side of the class will be taught using JavaScript as a means of making interactive websites/instruments we can play for an audience and chrome extensions that will allow us to modify the content of existing websites to political or dramatic ends. We will draw on the art historical traditions of detournement and culture jamming to study what it means to make art out of other material with received authority. The class will also include readings and discussions on digital performing arts, and the implications of digital tools on the aesthetics of theater and performance art. 

Some referenced works:

Emotional Labor – Joanne McNeil

TweetFired: a reminder – Paolo Pedercini

Add Art – Steve Lambert

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